About Us
Caddis Aerial

Drone Videography is Our Passion

Caddis Aerial is established in 2015 and the first company to use drones in South West Colorado. We are unlike others in the industry and come with unmatched experience. We understand and offer drone services that the engineering community needs.

We can capture the visual data, which can be reconstructed digitally. This enables you can simplify your workflow and streamline processes.

Core Values

Everything we do at Caddis Aerial is based on our core business values that include

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • High Standards
  • Attention to detail
  • Expertise
Caddis Aerial
Caddis Aerial

The Pillars of Strength

Caddis Aerial, LLC has obtained the requisite FAA 333 Exemption to fly commercially.

Steve McCormack and Daryl Crites are local licensed land surveyors and the people behind Caddis Aerial. The Durango-based business provides professional drone services for local, national.

Services Offered

Using roto-copter drones, an Aibotix X6V2 (www.aibotix.com) with millimeter precision, with K4 60FPS video capability (www.yuneec.com), Caddis Aerial provides a myriad of professional services, including

  • Aerial mapping photogrammetry
  • Utility line and tower inspections
  • Real estate videos
  • Aerial inspections (roofs, bridges, dams, material stockpiles, etc.)
  • Architectural 3D renderings
  • Avalanche study support
  • Archeological and environmental inspections
  • Geographical monitoring and more
Caddis Aerial